Without our association with Lynn Nieto, CoCo Cababana Havanese would not exist. All of our dogs have come from or through Lynn. Her guidance has been irreplacable. We "borrow" many of her Champion studs to produce the very best Havanese pups. Check her site for complete details about the Sire of each litter and the standards she has achieved with this breed.

Owner - Mary-Ellen Lewellyn

I have this pup, and he's just grand,
but just won't listen to my command.
Everytime I throw the ball,
He won't come back when I call,
When I say "SIT", he's just so lazy,
And looks at me as if I'm crazy.
I know there's something I can do,
perhaps its time for doggie school,
Now...where to go...talk to who?
Mary-Ellen Lewellyn is the answer for you!

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